Giacomo Maiolini is an Italian businessman, founder and director of the record company TIME RECORDS.
He was born on March 8, 1963 in Pedrocca, in the municipality of Cazzago San Martino, province of Brescia. As a second child (he has two sisters), he spent his childhood in the small hamlet of Franciacorta. He graduated in accounting and simultaneously, due to his considerable height (196 cm), he plays basketball for the Pintinox team. Just like many children of his age he frequents clubs in the nearby area. At first, he does not think of making music a profession, however he becomes passionate by tracing the most significant songs proposed by DJs in the major clubs
of the area (Altaluna, Number One, Tiffany).

He purchases the popular songs in order to develop his own personal playlist and this system be-comes the basis of a form of expression that leads to the birth of the songs that are to comprise one of the musical fortunes of his business project: the compilation.

The starting funds are collected by organizing musical events on the local premises.
Cooperation with Gianfranco Bortolotti, who later became the creator of Media Records, leads to his first release in the spring of 1984. The record was produced in the studios of the musician Mauro Farina and it is entitled “Let Me Trouble” for Deborah Haslam. The support received by the Factory Sound Studio, owned by Farina & Crivellente, is to create a bond between Maiolini & his production and the “Factory”. As a result, in 1984 the record production company TIME RECORDS is born.

Initially, Farina and Crivellente offer Giacomo the artistic direction of the label, as “Fly to me” by Aleph, one of Giacomo’s intuitions, was such as success that it was the first record in the history of Italian music to be licensed in Japan. Claudio Cecchetto then proceeds to purchase the rights of the album “Winner“ by Roncuzzi & Crazy (who became P4F) and make it the symbol for the advertisement of Algida ice cream.

Fabio Carniel, owner of the shop “Disco Inn“ in Modena, enters Maiolini’s life and together they worked together on scouting. In 1986, Farina and Crivellente pull out of Time, as partners, to maintain their independence as musicians. In this period, Time Records transferred to Brescia.

Maiolini cooperates with Laurent Gelmetti, sound engineer and composer of Mauro Farina and suggests he look into the Asian market, by developing music of the current Hi Energy. As a result, a new record production is created - in pure style Rising Sun, for which pre-production is entrusted to record producer Dall’Ora Sergio, founder of Havana.

Maiolini becomes one of the most important record producers and supporters of the current musical Eurobeat: in Japan he is called “King of Eurobeat“. Such is the success, that in 2000 he won two Grammys for the compilation “Super Eurobeat presents Initial D-D Do not Stop Megamix” and “Super Eurobeat Vol. 100“. For Time, the group O-Zone, also launched in Japan, has the most successful international repertoire in the history of the company; numerous multi-platinum and diamond records are won under Maiolini’s label.

In 1989, in collaboration with the DJ Pierre Feroldi, the label “Italian Style“ is born. Giacomo is linked to producers like Cremonini, Gilardi and Varola, who would later go on to sign international hits such as Jinny, U.S.U.R.A. and Deadley Sins, Silvia Coleman and the remix of “Delusa” by Vasco Rossi; or of Perrone, Abaribi and Marcolin with Aladino and Molella with a remix of “Nella notte” by 883.
Alongside these productions, Maiolini acquires a selection of songs from all over the world: James Howard, Tony Scott and many others who conquer the Italian market.
The Englishman Rollo, already the producer of Felix and his international success with the song “Don’t you want me”, is another name to be added to the list. Rollo is the brother of the singer Dido and following the experience with Time, he becomes the producer decreeing the huge global success.
Maiolini suggests that Rollo create the vocal version of the instrumental of U.S.U.R.A.’s single: “Sweat.” Consequently, the new “Sweat Rollo Remix” main version was created and reached the top ten in European sales.

In ‘92 Maiolini creates Deejay Parade Compilation: from the homonymous and popular radio program of Claudio Cecchetto, Radio Deejay. Led by Dj Albertino with the technical support of Fargetta, Molella and Prezioso, it was ranked as one of the top 20 successes in discos. The compilation demonstrated great success over the years: volume 5 went on to sell over 300,000 copies.
The relationship with Albertino, both on a professional and a personal level, remains one of the most important to Maiolini.

The 90s are years of great turmoil. In 1994 Maiolini married Carla Manzato and from this union, in 1995 his son Lorenzo was born. On the first of April, that year, for the first time ever, his record label reaches the top of the UK charts; this is to happen at least four times.
The Time Records label is the only Italian music production company to have achieved such a result.
This was the case with the US The Outhere Brothers and the song “Don’t Stop”, in 1994 and of their “Boom Boom Boom”, in 1995, with The Tamperer feat. Maya and the song “Feel it” in 1998 and Black Legend and his “You see the trouble with me.”
In 1997, Giacomo creates the brand Rise and entrusts it to DJ Alex Gaudino who, with “Destination Unknown”, is to sell worldwide.

Over the past 15 years Maiolini has worked with names such as Paul Johnson, Deepswing, Billy More, Mousse T., Molella, The Temper Trap, Yolanda Be Cool, Lucenzo, Martin Garrix, Imany, up to Time Square feat. Xavier Rudd, Brooke Fraser and Feder.

Many gold and platinum records have been received.
In 2014 Time Records celebrated its 30th anniversary. To celebrate the occasion, a book collection of the history of his label entitled ‘Sentimento Espresso’ was published.

Social and humanitarian commitment
In 2015, Maiolini, founded the non-profit organization “TimeToLove“ to help women and children in need around the world. The initiative comes from Bali, where he
has a home, and it reaches out to the areas most in need around the globe. It was there that he found his spiritual dimension and became Hindu.

Notes: Giacomo Maiolini is a committed art collector and patron of the arts and he operates in both design and fashion design.