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date: 2018-10-03 - category: INTERVIEWS - comments: 0


What can u tell us about Iyes project?
"IYES are a Berlin-based songwriting duo, previously based in Brighton, England. The girl-boy team have been writing and producing songs for themselves and various artists since 2013, and have featured on Pitchfork, The Guardian, Nylon, Hunger Mag amongst many more. They blew up in the blogosphere when releasing demos online in 2013. They produced songs with friends MNEK, Astronomyy and Lexxx amongst others. After a short stint with Sony UK after being selected for a worldwide TV campaign for both Sony Xperia Z3 Phone and Walls/Unilever, and after a handful of single and EP releases, the couple decided to dedicate their time on other projects whilst still writing as IYES and collaborating with other established artists or upcoming artists in the studio."

Please describe one and each other with a word.
Josh = Intense. Melis = Complex.

When did you realized that Music is your own path in life?
Josh: "I realised music was the path for me once I turned 14 and heard The Beatles Anthology. I fell in love with music very fast and self taught myself as many instruments and styles as possible. It has been a fun journey."
Melis: "I used music as an outlet when I was also a teenager, turning my poetry into musical pieces, and slowly carving my path as a songwriter, mainly on guitar but also on keys."

There’s something special in “This Feeling”. Would u like to explain us the story of this song?
Both: "Well, we were writing some songs for our second EP with IYES and Feelings came out of nowhere. It was so pop compared to our usual left-field electronic pop sound. We decided to send it to some friends, and get feedback and everyone said "this is so radio!". We decided to make this our most catchiest pop song, and this was the outcome!

Give us a review of your 2018 experience. News on your future plans?!
2018 was another learning-curve year. We're both growing so differently as musicians and it's such a wonderful process to be in a team with each other yet both start to find our own tastes. Melis is working on a solo project and Josh is working on various things including his label and stuff. We are definitely planning to write more pop songs as IYES; we can't wait to team up with others too and write them some tracks :)


When did you realize that making music was your path in life?
"I think when I was about 15. I saw my friends brothers turntables and house music collection and fell in love!"

Which artists had a strong influence on you as a teenager?
"Tough question... I usually like individual songs more than artists, but I’d have to say The Outhere Brothers and maybe 2Unlimited." 

What do you think about music power?
Do you consider music a collective language even to send emotional messages all over the world? I think music is a fantastic form of art, expression and emotion. Something that makes people from all cultures and walks of life feel something... that’s special!

What struck you about Iyes in order to ask a collaboration and feel like composing a remake of "This Feeling”?
I heard the original song and thought this is a great vocal! I knew I could definitely add some Riback energy to make it even more special!

News on your future plans?
A lot more music coming soon! Originals and remixes for some great artists and great labels... stay tuned! :)