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date: 2018-06-18 - category: INTERVIEWS - comments: 0

1- Can you tell us something regarding your music influences?
I grew up mostly listening to Brit pop - Blur, Echo & the bunnymen, stuff like that.
My older brother turned me onto it he was always showing me british stuff.
Then it was folk , Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, and Townes Van Zandt and I started to finger pick to that stuff, and then in the past couple of years it has all been country music.
I gravitate toward lyrics always.

2- When did you realize that music was your life?
My parents bought a keyboard when I was 8 years old and I think I took one look at it and knew. Once I got my hands on it, I already understood it deeply, like the knowledge was pre loaded somehow.

3- How did your partnership w/ Time Records begin?
I released a song called "Swing" , and Manuel from time reached out to me online and said can we work with you, and I was very happy to say yes.

4- Can you tell us something about your album “On Trial” ?!
"On trial" was a record I really never planned to make or release, I had taken a break from music and was going through a hard break up and wrote these songs for myself personally to deal what I was going through. I never imagined it would become an album or a project it happened slowly over time.

5- Have you ever been in Italy? What do you know about our country?
One time, with my friend LP and her band, in a town called Lucca. She was playing Lucca summer nights - I rode a bicycle around the town on top of the walls all night and write a song in my hotel about. It was very magical, I can’t wait to revisit.

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